The importance of the mask, disinfectants and their derivatives is well known to all in the fight against the Covid 19 outbreak, which is causing worldwide chaos. Especially due to the urgency of the situation, the procurement process requires quite fast solutions. It is precisely at this point that we assume our social responsibility to warn you of problems that may arise during the procurement phase.

We would like to talk about two groups that we have often experienced due to our consultancy and legal department and with whom you may have problems: those who see the crisis as an opportunity and fraudsters…

A preliminary agreement is made and you are promised to provide all your needs at the agreed price, everything is as it should be, and you make your sales plans by relying on it. You give up contact with other sources where you might find products and start waiting. At this point, the manufacturer or supplier with whom you have reached an agreement has switched to opportunistic mode and tells you that there have been some problems and that he has also suffered damage and therefore, has to increase the unit price and delivery cost of the product.

With this behaviour he obliges you to accept the new conditions, because you have adapted all your plans according to this purchase and do not want to spend time to find a new source.

The scammers’ weapon is the unit price. They promise such prices that you think you can take this risk. But in the end you either get nothing or you are left alone with faulty and non-standard products.

A company with a clean past is a company that hesitates to mess up its future. It is therefore essential for you to select the companies whose references you know and to support them with contracts that have a legal infrastructure.

If you do business with companies abroad, this is an additional guarantee for you to make your purchases through the intermediary companies in your country, since you have a common legal system with your correspondent.