Advice On Setting Up A Company

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Advice On Setting Up A Company

Would you like to start a business in Belgium?

Are you looking for someone to take care of your necessary bureaucratic work in setting up your company?

Do you need help with the address and personnel required to set up your company?

Do you need competent assistance in obtaining Belgian residence cards for owners or managers of the established company?

Do you want to set up your company according to Belgian laws, regulations and procedures?

Do you want to complete the “institutionalisation” activities of your company established in Belgium?

Do you need expert knowledge and assistance in setting up accounting, legal, marketing and management units for your company established in Belgium and in selecting the necessary personnel?

As the DemirAslan Consulting family, we are at your disposal to answer these and many other similar questions related to “Setting up a company in Belgium”.

We promise the simplest start-up process by explaining to you that we have the potential to carry out various procedures under one roof, such as company formation, adapting the company to the activities of the business, selecting the employees and obtaining work permits and residence permits.


Foundation Phases Of The Company

For example, information about the preliminary meeting, the sector of the company, its capital, its objectives, etc. is collected and analysed.

Discussing topics such as, the preliminary consultation, type of company, operating licences in Belgium, estimated time and necessary costs for the establishment of the company

The acceptance of the activity for the creation of the company

Preparation of main reports, written and oral communication of the steps and details of the establishment of the company, proposals for the regions in which the headquarters can be established

The final approval of the client

Create and follow the required official applications

The main contract and notary certification procedure, obtaining the company number and VAT identification number (TVA) etc. and then preparing the accounting documents and preparing them for signature

Completion of the company foundation

At your request;

-Consultancy services for visa procedures, which are necessary for the authentication and signing of other bureaucratic procedures

-Competent support and advice on institutionalisation, personnel selection and training

-Transactions related to the rental or purchase of real estate, such as the company headquarters or a warehouse