Institutionalisation Advice

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Institutionalisation Advice

It is not correct to generalise that companies start with a structure that was initially defined by the business plan. In fact, many companies have put these plans on their agenda due to deteriorating competitive conditions in their fields of activity, uncontrolled growth, problems of adapting to the laws and regulations in force and other factors. And based on our experience, we can say that these plans are not beyond saving the day, so to speak.

For companies that have crossed a certain threshold in their sector, we put in brackets at this point to generalise that institutionalisation is a must for every company. This should be seen as a situation that requires ignorance or the intention to make a gain for profit. The transition to the system expressed by the term institutionalisation is urgently needed.

Institutionalisation is a structure independent of individuals, in which each phase is planned, tasks are distributed according to the plans and the boundaries of authority are clearly defined. Even more important is the identity of trust. The source of trust is compliance with internationally recognised criteria. The trust that this harmony offers means that the doors are always open to you, both at national and international level.

We explicitly base our experience in this area on professional business relationships with business owners in our immediate vicinity and on processes that have been in place for years, which take the form of analyses and recommendations as required. Depending on the long work we have done with family businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to take innovative steps aimed at growth, and the results achieved, we can say that today we have competent staff in the field of institutionalisation consultancy.