Market Research

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Market Research

Market research is the process of evaluating the data obtained through studies in order to determine the target market or markets and obtain the necessary information about potential customers and the competitive environment.

You are a company that is currently producing and you are looking for the most suitable market for the goods you produce!

Your industry is clear, your product portfolio is also clear, but you are open for changes, developments and updates, and you are looking for suitable markets, to the extent of the changes you can make to your products!

You have investment plans. For a ‘profit’ investment, you want to trade with the method of determining your product range, after you have first discovered suitable markets and determined the requirements!

You have noticed a decline in your export sales on the Western European market and need to identify the reasons for this decline and take the necessary measures!

During the market research process, our company offers consulting services for institutions, organisations and companies in these and similar areas for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

In this service area we work with the generally accepted expressions using primary market research and secondary market research methods.

Our market research service starts with the analysis of your enquiry and submits the necessary proposals for your approval, as we dominate the Western European market. We prepare tailor-made plans in accordance with these objectives, after we have set the goal of establishing distribution partnerships, negotiating with dealers or reaching the end seller directly, based on your expectations and conditions. Although these plans may vary, they include the following methods, collecting current (long-term, if necessary) statistics and industry guide analyses, individual interviews with distributors, compiling consumer-oriented studies, active field research (surveys, etc.), risk analysis, trade fair studies, obtaining and evaluating official reports from various trade and social commissions of the European Union and their application, and many other methods.

We prepare our reports in understandable language, support them with appropriate images and graphics to ensure common language, and share our sources with you. Furthermore, we definitely include in our reports the comments of our experts on the data we receive.